lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010


1. Don't forget.

2. Turn left.

3. Don't forget.

4. Stop the car!

5. Pass.

6. Don't listen.

7. Take.


1. Look out!

2. Come in.

3. Don't touch it!

4. Have an orange juice.

5. Don't forget your umbrella.

6. Listen to me!

7. Turn right.

8. Pass the water, please.


1. Don't.

2. Forget.

3. Turn.

4. Be.

5. Bring.

6. Don't.

7. Wait.

8. Open.

9. Drink.

10. Have.

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Present Continuous

0-I am learning English.
1-My friends are studying.
2-My brother/sister is singing.
3-The birds are flying.
4-My father is sleeping.
5-My techer is talking.
6-People outside are driving.
7-We are running.

1-sitting/are not working.
2-taking/not playing.
3-writing/not running.
4-spending/not shining.
5-traveling/not walking.

1-Is she having lunch?
2-Are they playing football?
3-Is it raining again?
4-Is the cat sleeping?
5-Are we the match winning?
6-Is he drinking now coffee?

1-Are you learning Maths today?/Yes, I studying very hard.
2-Are they lisening to the radio?/No, they playing CDs.
3-Peter washing now?/Yes, he having a bath.
4-They living in Salamanca at the moment?/Yes, they visiting their family.
5-In a group this year is David singing?/No, he working in a restaurant.